Knowing… Serving… Sharing Christ!

Join Us On Sunday

Worship Services

Relaxed Traditional
9 am, Mt. Sinai Prayer Chapel (the historic white-framed church)
Featuring vibrant singing of hymns led by the Early Bird Choir.

Decaffeinated Contemporary
10:30 am, Worship Center (the gigantic tent-like facility)
Featuring uplifting praise songs led by the VOH Praise Team.

Pastor David Burch preaches in both services, striving to present biblically-grounded messages that are relevant to daily living.
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Opportunities for Knowing, Serving and Sharing Christ!

LifeGroups for Adults & Youth
Small group studies connecting faith to real life, meeting at various times and locations

Adult & Youth Mission Ventures
Local, national and international hands-on projects serving those in need
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Contact Us

Vision of Hope is located 1.5 miles east of I-81 (exit 245) on Port Republic Road. You will pass through two stoplights. Church is on the left at the top of the hill.
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Latest Sermons


Did you ever notice that there seem to be two kinds of folk in this world: those who take things for granted, and those, who take things with gratitude?

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Did you notice there’s one common thread voiced by the three fellows Jesus encounters? “I’ll follow you, Lord, but…”
And Jesus responds by kicking buts!

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There are times our hearts need washing. There are times the sinful attitudes and actions of our past ought to disturb us, prodding us to seek confession and forgiveness.
However, our past ought not to forever define us. We can turn the page, finding God’s blessing as we hunger and thirst for a heart filled with righteousness, dropping God’s plumb line in a skewed world, seeking a life of right living that emanates from being in right relatedness with our Lord.

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Recent News


From time-to-time we need to get back to the simple roots of Jesus… experiencing him unplugged… without the 20+ centuries of varnish that’s been layered upon him. This is the focus of Pastor David’s autumn sermon series:

9.1    Revealing Humility – Jesus’ Birth

9.8    Reigning Imperceptibly - Jesus’ Message

9.15  Restoring Wholeness - Jesus’ Ministry

9.22  Relating Indiscriminately – Jesus’ Peeps

9.29  Replenishing Vitality - Jesus’ Habits

10.6  Redeeming Evil – Jesus’ Death

10.13 Reversing Irreversibility – Jesus’ Resurrection

10:27 Risking Amnesia – Jesus’ Ascension

Jesus Unplugged

Come to the Church Without Walls!!!

Our Fireside Gatherings happen each Wednesday in the Grove.  The picnic begins at 6:45 pm, with music by Jimmy Overton and a devotional by Pastor David following at 7 pm.

Bring a lawn chair and a friend!

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